Potato Basics

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Picking, Preparing, Storing NY Grown Potatoes


Here in NY our farmers know potatoes. Its what they do, its what they love, its who they are.

And now, you can know potatoes too. Here’s a few Helpful Hints to make you a spud-expert.





DSC_0028.JPGAlways insist on locally grown potatoes to ensure the freshest, tastiest, most eco-friendly supplies. Look for smooth, firm, sprout-free potatoes. Avoid wrinkled, soft or green ones.



Keep your potatoes in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place. Potatoes kept at 45-50 degrees will keep for weeks. Those at room temperature should be used within days of purchasing.

Keep potatoes away from light since this can cause a greening of the skin. If this occurs cut away the green areas since they can taste bitter. You can also cut away any sprouting if this occurs.



The easiest and healthiest way to prepare potatoes is with the skin on. Although they are washed prior to packing, it is a good idea to rinse and scrub potatoes before use.

Once cut submerge raw potatoes in cold water to keep them from taking on a pinkish/ brown color. (This is due to exposure to air, similar to what happens with apples-carbohydrates in the food reacts with the oxygen in the air). However if this happens they are still safe to eat and the discoloration should disappear with cooking. To retain the potatoes water-soluble vitamins, limit water soaking to 2 hours.



Refrigerate leftovers immediately and consume within a few days. It is not advisable to freeze cooked potatoes because they are 80 percent water and become watery upon reheating.

Baking Potatoes


Most potatoes can be baked. If you like your baked potatoes dry and fluffy chose a longer potato with coarser skin. If you like your baked potatoes moist and firm look for a more all-purpose potato like a yellow/ gold variety or a larger round white or red potato.

Boiling / Roasting Potatoes


This is trickier; since you need to be sure the potato will hold together in the water. These come in many shapes and sizes. Round Whites, Reds and Yellows all work well. They have thinner skin and the flesh is a bit waxy because they are high in moisture and sugar but low in starch.

Round Whites, Round Reds, Yellow/ Gold Potatoes, are super for soups, casseroles, salads, roasting, and barbecuing because they retain their shape. Go ahead and mash them, with skins on for a tasty treat.

All-Purpose Potatoes


Many NY grown potatoes fall into this category. They are moister than a general purpose baking potato and hold together well in boiling water. They are perfect for roasting, pan frying, and using in soups, stews, and gratins. They can be baked, mashed, and fried. Again many Round Whites, Round Reds, Yellow and Gold potatoes fall into this category.

New Potatoes


These are often smaller, very thin skinned potatoes that are just that new, young potatoes. They cook up quickly and lend themselves well to every use except baking.