Potato Varieties

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NY Grown Potato Varieties & Uses


There are many different types of potatoes grown in NY. Figuring out which potatoes to use for what can be confusing since they are not packaged by varieties. However, with a few helpful tips you’ll be on the road to spud-tacular dishes.

The biggest difference between varieties of potatoes and how they cook up is the amount of starch each contains. The higher the starch content the drier and fluffier the potato is when baked. The lower the starch content the better the potato boils because it doesn’t fall apart (great for soups and stews.) Many NY-grown varieties end up in the middle of these two categories making them great all-purpose potatoes.

Experiment with different types of potatoes. You’ll find new, innovative uses. The most important thing is to start with a high quality potato and the best ones area grown right here, in your own backyard, by your neighbors… NY potato growers.

Most potatoes are identifiable by “type.” Round White, Round Red, Long Whites, Russets, Yellows/Golds, and Specialty-type potatoes:

Round White
Round Red
Long White