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The Empire State Potato Growers Inc. is pleased to provide a scholarship for undergraduate students, residing in New York state, pursing college studies benefiting the agricultural industry. All applications will be considered.

It will be provided at the rate of $500 per academic year, for up to 4 consecutive years of undergraduate education. Full-time academic study in the field of agriculture must be pursued.

Selection will be based on the following criteria: Agricultural-related areas of undergraduate study (i.e. Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Crop & Soil Sciences, Entomology, Food Sciences, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Economics), academic achievement, leadership abilities and NYS residency.

Anyone in the potato industry should encourage qualified applicants to apply. Application forms can be downloaded using the link below.

Completed application forms must be postmarked on or before January 15 to be considered.

The winner will be honored at Empire Farm Days at the Rodman Lott & Son Farms, Seneca Falls. The show is sponsored by the Empire State Potato Growers Inc.

Click here for PDF application.